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Test your setup

If WebCM is up and running and your website is proxied correctly, accessing http://localhost:1337 will load a version of your website that will include a minimal WebCM script depending on the tools you've configured in webcm.config.ts. In order to test if WebCM was injected correctly into your page, you can:

  1. Search for webcm in the Page Source - if you can't find it, there's a chance:
    1. You're accessing your website directly and not via the proxy URL
    2. You didn't set your website as the target in webcm.config.ts
  2. Try to run webcm.track('event', { name: 'cheese', something: 'brie' }) from the browser's console and check the network tab for a /track request
  3. If you're loading the demo component, you should see /system network requests on mousemove, mousedown, mouseup, scroll and logs on the server for each /system request
  4. If you're loading the demo component with ecommerce enabled, run webcm.track('ecommerce', {name: "Purchase", data: { revenue: '123.99' }}) from the browser's console and you should see a log starting with 'Ka-ching! 💰' on the server