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Proxy your website

💡 Prerequisite: WebCM needs Node version >= 18. You can then install all dependencies with npm i.

To proxy your website through WebCM, add your website to the target property of webcm.config.ts before running WebCM.

Run WebCM using npx

  1. Create a webcm.config.ts config file (you can use example.config.ts as an example)

  2. Within the same folder, run:

    npx webcm

    You can optionally add flags --c and --mc to respectively customise the paths to your config file and/or customise the relative path where your components will be loaded. The default values are: --c=webcm.config.ts --mc=./components.

    WebCM will load any of the Managed Components specified in your config and present in the components folder, attempting to downloading any missing ones from the @managed-components npm registry.


  1. git clone [email protected]:cloudflare/webcm.git && cd webcm && npm i
  2. Create a webcm.config.ts config file (use example.config.ts as an example)
  3. npm run dev