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Configure a third-party Managed Component

Where are the third-party Managed Components?

You can find the list of published managed component npm packages here.

Example Setup for webcm.config.ts

Google Analytics (GA)

Head to GA's Managed Component GitHub repository (Managed Component maintainers are encouraged to document available settings keys in the README file.)

  1. Following the Tool Settings guidance of the project README, enter any required settings and/or grant any necessary permissions for the features you want to enable.

    In this case, we just need the name of the @managed-components package, and a value for the Google Analytics tracking id:

      export default {
    components: [
    name: "google-analytics",
    settings: { tid: "UA-000000-2" },
    permissions: [],
    // ...other Managed Components
    // of the config
    // (see full example at
  2. Restart your WebCM server ✅

    WebCM will load the google-analytics package from the npm registry, applying your specified settings and permissions at runtime.